VICTORIA AYTON is a chiropractor who graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 2005 with a BSc(Honours) degree in neuromusculoskeletal sciences and a master’s degree in chiropractic. In 2006 she completed a PgCert in chiropractic practice. For the last 8 years she has been working at a well-established clinic in Wyton and has attended many post graduate courses including many concerning pregnancy and paediatric care.


As a chiropractor her aim is to enable people to reach their goals, taking into consideration their lifestyle and motivations. The chiropractic care that Victoria provides ranges from acute interventional care for injuries, and acute problems, rehabilitative care to help people get back to the activities they need for life, and maintenance or welfare care that can help people to stay active and get the most from life. Chiropractic care will involve hands on treatment as well as lifestyle, nutrition and exercise advice - all individually tailored to the persons’ needs and requirements


Victoria has been a devoted dog owner and horse rider since childhood, always looking for the best ways to enhance the health and welfare of her own animals, through diet, exercise and training techniques. This inspired her to complete the equine biomechanics course. This course teaches chiropractors and vets to adapt their skills to be able to treat animals. She has since gone on to qualify as a canine movement physiologist and can teach Galen natural progression (GNP). Canine exercise physiology aims to create a balanced and fit dog that can fulfill their optimum movement potential for as long as possible and into old age.